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My Story

I am a working mom, moving to this homemade food and handmade gift because of my little baby.  When I got my first baby, I researched food and try to figure out how to eat to ensure my baby get the most healthiest meal and the best for him and also ourselves.  I was always amazed that something that got pulled from the ground or picked off a tree could have such amazing benefits for our bodies. 


My first homemade food for my baby is vegetable powder, rice cereal and followed by dried vegetables when he grown up stages. It is so convenient for me to bring a long all these food for travelling and also a fastest way for me to prepare his food.  Besides, my husband also get away from "porridge" for every meal as I always prepare one meal for a family members  to save the meal preparation time. 



I  have fulfilled the  rules and regulations of Ministry of Health/Local Council (Klinik Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)) requirements. I have undergo food handling training held by KKM and obtained food handling certification as well.  I have taken Typhoid Vaccination as well.


Little Jayde is my homemade business name. Based in Kuala Lumpur, offers homemade food for babies, kids, adult, pregnancy women  and handmade gifts. Shop now for more nutrition food and handmade gift!!!

Meal Powder

At Little Jayde Homemade, we have a wide array of meal powder options which are made from fresh vegetables and fish. This ensures that your baby can move from breast milk or formula to solid food with ease.

Even beyond porridge and cereal sets, we offer other types of exciting goods. Mommy can mix the plain cereal with any type of vegetable meal powder or add with your own fresh fruits such as blueberry, strawberry and even with your baby's favorite seeds and nuts!

Whatever it is that you’re looking for in terms of baby food, you’ll find that we offer quality meal powder made with quality ingredients. We also make it easy for you to order. Choose to pick it up at our location or have it shipped right to your home. Start shopping for what you want right now.

Baby Food

Little Jayde Homemade provides premier healthy baby food and nutrition food supply. I have a huge selection of some of the best quality food powders, homemade food, and great handcraft pieces you will find anywhere. It is a one-stop-shop when it comes to healthy food and various handcrafts, you can always find something you need with our large and varied selection. So come down to Little Jayde if you need great baby food or any kind of various food powder and much more, we have you covered on all accounts!

So if you are looking for baby food or a great selection of food powders, then you don’t need to look any further than Little Jayde. Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for;  I would be delighted to help you find it!

Here at Little Jayde, I understand the importance of fair and competitive pricing. You are always going to get a great deal on our products because we are always striving to keep our prices as fair and competitive as we can. I love being able to give my customers great deals on great products, and you can be sure I will get you a great deal too! There is a reason we are considered a fan favorite in Malaysia when it comes to health food and handcrafted pieces. I always have what you need, and you know that you can always get it for a really great price.

My healthy food options are here to provide you with a reliable and high-quality option to get food powder and baby food, for a price that you can actually feel good about paying. Check out Little Jayde today!

Nutrition Food

At Little Jayde, we are the number one trusted company when it comes to great nutrition food products, baby food, handcrafted pieces and so much more. No matter what kind of healthy nutrition food options you are looking for, we can most definitely help you find it. You never have to worry about a thing when you get your food powder from Little Jayde, because we have one of the largest selections available, and you will have the pleasure of getting it for a great price. We only sell the highest quality healthy food powder options, and you can rest easy knowing that you are being sold a reliable, top quality product that you can depend on. That is the kind of quality you can expect from Little Jayde, and it is part of what keeps people coming back for more!

Food Powder

At Little Jayde, we’re here to show you how many different types of food powder there are. You can find high-quality ingredients to mix with water and broth. You can eat them as they are or incorporate them into some of your favorite recipes.

You can find everything from beetroot to organic purple cabbage, sweet corn to premium whitebait. When you can find the types of food powder that you’re looking for, it adds to your ability to cook the foods you want for you and your family.

We make it easy for you to find the ingredients that you need. Our dry powders are shipped in glass jars. You can choose a pickup service and make an appointment or you can have everything delivered to your door. Start shopping with us today for the ingredients you want to have inside of your kitchen.


Are you looking for healthy homemade food or food powder options, but you don’t want to mess around with a subpar homemade food supplier that will sell you a low quality product, or don’t know what they are doing? Well you can ease your mind a bit there, because that is where we come in. Little Jayde has a wide range of high quality food for you to choose from. We are the number one trusted brand in homemade food and crafts in the Chow Kit area, and we promise you are going to be glad you made that call.

At Little Jayde, we know that having top quality products is part of what is going to make you a top quality health food supplier. We always make sure that we sell only the best products in the business. You should expect top of the line homemade food and crafts, because we are a top of the line kind of service. You can always count on Little Jayde to deliver the goods, and we certainly do have a history of doing just that. Never settle for anything less than the very best when it comes to the health and continued maintenance of your own body, check out Little Jayde.

All sorts of homemade baby solid food can make it to your dinner table in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may want to try new baby solid food recipes and create new items in your kitchen. This means having access to all sorts of new ingredients.

At Little Jayde, we offer homemade food in the form of various food powders. You can find beetroot, anchovies, purple cabbage, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, and more as a powder. You can simply open the jar and use as much or as little as you need. Additionally, we also offer a variety of wellness ingredients, including dried pineapple, dried dragon fruits, pan mee, macaroni, and much more.

You can diversify the chow kit that you make with a little bit of help from our online shop. This can be a great way to please those cute little ones. Start shopping our online store today to find out what you can cook for dinner.

Eliminate Processing with Homemade Baby Product

If you have ever read the ingredients on processed baby food, you will notice that there are a number of chemicals and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. A number of store-bought baby foods are highly processed. Particularly if your baby suffers from allergies, this can be a problem.

At Little Jayde, we offer homemade baby food. This ensures that the heavy processing is removed from the equation, and replaced with a genuine homemade baby product option. We offer a number of exciting options and flavors, including vegetables cereal sets, baby porridge, organic rice pops, noodles, and more.

You can choose to add as many items into your shopping cart as you desire. With the baby product that we have to offer, you can eliminate a variety of problems. Plus, your baby is sure to love every bite that you offer up on a spoon. Start shopping through our baby food selection today.

Baby Cereal

We sell only the highest quality products, because you deserve it! Whether you are looking for some high quality baby cereal, some great food powder products, or looking to get a gift for someone for your home; Little Jayde is absolutely your best choice. 


At Little Jayde, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver you results, and provide you with the very best products. The food supply industry doesn't always have the best reputation, but Little Jayde challenges that notion by only using quality ingredients, having unrivaled customer service, and having the best prices in the region. Little things like this help to separate Little Jayde from the rest of the pack. These are quality products that you can truly tell a difference with, prices that you can feel good about, and customer service that will put a big smile on your face.


There may be a number of reasons why you need to shop for someone. You may be looking for an anniversary or a birthday present for that special someone in your life. There may also be an upcoming holiday. Either way, a handcraft piece can be a great way to give a gift.

At Little Jayde, you will find that we offer a variety of handcrafted items. With a handcraft, you can make sure that it is completely unique. When you’re sending the gift, we offer special gift wraps, too. This way, the package is all ready to go.

We make it easy for you to get the items that you are looking for. You can start browsing our online shop now. Then, schedule an appointment to pick up the item or have it delivered right to your door – or the door of the person receiving the item.

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