Suitable for 6 months and above baby

Ingredient: Calrose Pearl Rice, broccoli, pumpkin, purple cabbage, beetroot and sweet corn

Package Quantity: 150g (30g x 5 packs)

Net weight: 160g

Shelf Life: best before 5 months from the production date


    • Nutrition: 
      1.    Rice:
      •    Iron for Brain Development
      •    Iron To Help Support Learning Ability

      2. Green Broccoli for Monday
      •    helps loosen up the bowels
      •    eyesight improvement
      •    Presence of antioxidant

      3. Yellow Sweet corn for Tuesday 
      •    Baby growth and development
      •    Muscle and nerve function
      •    Improve digestioon

      4. Red Beetroot for Wednesday
      •    Boost immunity
      •    promote digestion

      5. Orange Pumpkin for Thursday
      •    Supplies essential nutrient
      •    balance metabolism
      •    Boost immune system

      6. Purple Cabbage for Friday
      •    Protect guts
      •    boost immunity
      •    better healing
      •    Strengthening bornes


    100% Natural
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